Friday, June 22, 2012

Silver Tears and Sapphire Bones

How can you now anything
When you don't know yourself?
How to love anyone
... and anything,
When you do not love that person on the other side of the mirror...

There are so many of you,
You want different things
... so many of them
You like everything
and nothing.
You don't believe,
and you believe.
You know you can love
... but what is that you would love?
But then, one day,
You learn how to get to know her...
You step out of your skin.
You look in your own eyes.
You see the bulletproof skin.
You feel every silver tear.
You learn the position of every sapphire bone.
And in that beautiful moment,
you see the colors.
You fall in love with the people,
with the dawn and dusk,
with every purple cloud,
with the being of the ocean.
You fall in love with world...
you fall in love with yourself...

inspired by the song To Just Grow Away by the extremely talented The Tallest Man On Earth

Monday, March 12, 2012

The battle's almost won, I'm only several miles from the sun

When it all goes dark,
when it all seems done,
nothing you can do to make it better...

Just remember that you can,
cause that's all just an illusion,
defeat,  sadness... helplessness.

Just spread them...

Take the leap,
Feel the warmth of fulfillment,
Gaze into the blinding light happiness,
See the incredible heights of enlightenment
on the wings of strength, determination and courage...
cause that's what it takes to be happy!

Be brave to want it, be strong to get it, be determent to become happy... 
Don't be weak and settle for sad!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

so soft... so suddenly...

They sneaked up to me,

The ones I've spent years running from,
hiding... staying on the safe shore...
Now I was in the rough sea,
Suddenly there were feelings all around...
inside me.
So strange, unknown,
they possessed me.
As dangerous as they were, they reminded me,
reminded me of their beauty,
excruciating pleasure of risking,
taking chances,

Monday, August 29, 2011

So I remain between her legs... Sheltered from all my fears


Sometimes you have to look deep for self-appreciation,



The hardest thing is to fall in love with yourself...
To accept yourself the way you are.
But when you do...
you'll become irresistible! :}

Wearing: Stradivarius Top, ZARA shorts

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And Sometimes You Just Have to Say NO To The Blue!

Most of the time sadness is an excuse,
It's a choice!
A choice that one makes for various reasons...
To alienate themselves,
To protect,
To... get attention.

But sometimes that becomes a habit,
and that person starts believing it...
He becomes SAD!

You just need to say NO!
Be happy!
Even though sometimes it's harder,
no matter how silly it sounds,
say to yourself...

I'm wearing Stradivarius shirt and shorts, vintage bag :}

I Know Places We Could Go... Today

Getting ready for life is as hard as life itself...
You're getting to know the world,

And when you finally think you're ready.
When you think you've found it...
found the reason of your existence.
Your purpose.

It slips away!
You learn something new,
rediscover yourself...

And the search continues,
you continue to learn and discover.

And the circle repeats...
Over and over.

Until, one day...
One day you realize who you are!
You simply walk away from the circle,
and step into life,
like complete person!

Pictures of me taken by Katarina Dacic on our trip to Paris! :)
I'm wearing Stradivarius shorts, ALDO shoes, vintage (grandmother's) blouse, Oysho jacket

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wine me, Dine me.... 29 me ;)

Paris is a beautiful city,
Full of beautiful people,
Beautiful streets,
Beautiful buildings...

But you wouldn't enjoy it if you're alone,
Or if your company wouldn't know how to appreciate it...

If they don't make you smile,
If they don't inspire you,
If they don't share your excitement, 
your perspective,
If they don't wanna go the same way,
see same things,
coffee brakes would be empty,
There would be no stories to tell,
No adventures,
No... beauty!

So, I'd like to thank my friend Katarina
for wonderful trip,
amusing company,
and all the crazy moments!

Z Z Katarina ;}